The balance made by each of these thinkers differs from one another to a large extent – ​​the apocalyptic aristocrat versus the intellectual who approaches the integrat without zeal – but what is central to both is the singular capacity they exhibit when capturing profound transformations. and irreversible changes that are occurring in our ways of relating to cultural values ​​as a That Is Those result of the positioning of the mass mia. MacDonald regretfully announces the decline of culture, taint by consumer products that pretend to be true cultural goods;

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Eco attempts to moderate both the critical excesses of this bre and the hasty optimism of mass mia apologists . And to finish: the fragment of a song by a Spanish heavy metal group from the eighties, Barón Rojo . Yes: rock again invoking Beethoven. Mass culture in search of recognition of him… Let’s listen:A few months ago, in a course on business database encouraging reading and writing, the trainer said something that generat discontent among the attendees, especially because we know very closely what the reality of reading comprehension is like in Peru. She said: “I forbid my daughters from reading.”

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Many of us look at each other in confusion, after which she add: “I forbid them to read in very specific situations because even when they are having breakfast they are reading all the information on the labels of the products that are on the table.” That Is Those As a result, the idea Fax Marketing of ​​creating a reading habit in children is an issue that ran through all the intricate paths of my mind. Every day I ask myself: why isn’t reading comprehension a guarante success if there are countless reading comprehension strategies? The answer came from home.

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