News From Google: Amp Stories Are Arriving

News from google: amp stories are arriving google. Corporate storytelling google also introduces stories google also likes the visual. Which with amp stories follows the experience of snapchat. The first social network to launch stories. Then followe by instagram and facebook! The announcement was made by google on february 13th on the occasion of the amp conf 2018. An event that brings together developers and was held in amsterdam. Stories are content that social meia users really like! This convince mister g. To expand his offer to satisfy his billions of users! But what are google stories like? 

Where are Google Stories displayed?

They are like the other stories we know: that mix of graphic and textual elements. With which to create a small narrative. Even google’s special data amp stories are. In fact. A set of images. Videos and text to be combine. To show and collect something! Even for a company they are therefore an excellent tool for visual storytelling . Talking about your business. The values that inspire the company and of course to show your products and services! Where are google stories displaye? The stories appear in the search engine’s serp and are visible from both mobile and desktop: just type a keyword to see images or videos appear. Never seen before in the serp. Viewing them is very simple. When browsing on a mobile. Just move your thumb to swipe.

Can AMP Stories be used for advertising?

 While on a desktop computer. You will nee to use the mouse. As for the indexing status of the stories or their duration. We still know nothing: there is no data Fax Marketing yet and very little time has passe. Who can use this new service? Everyone can access this new free feature: just go to the official page . Since amp stories are currently still in the experimental phase. Only large companies such as mashable. Cnn. Wire or people are managing to gain the first page of google’s serp with their stories! In fact. These days. To see a story. You will have to type the name of one of these companies into google! Can amp stories be use for advertising?

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