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Any company this means constant changes to the code and therefore a more difficult environment to fully test new features. Therefore, it is worth sending a short inquiry whether our theme is ready. Are my plugins compatible with WordPress . ? The next step is to check all the plugins installe on your website. Here the task is easier because you can do it yourself with just a few clicks. Just go to the plugin panel and check their information. For each plugin, the version of WordPress that each plugin is compatible with is displaye. If you see the information Teste until, you can rest assure – the plugin is compatible with Gutenberg.

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Check out the fastest WordPress hosting and Ecommerce hosting on the market . Update to version . Remember that in theory everything can be perfect, but it is practice that verifies us. Before updating, make a backup of your website files. Version means a lot photo editor of changes and new features, so it is not worth updating quickly. Before clicking the “Update” button, you should consider what will be the most optimal solution for you. There are several possibilities. Hold off on updating until January. The first, and in many cases the safest, option is to wait a few weeks before upgrading to WordPress. 

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JPG and PNG photos in one format, generating smaller images and consistent quality. What more could you want? Key flaw In addition Fax Marketing to many advantages, WebP also has one important disadvantage – it is not (yet) supporte by all browsers. Currently, WebP can statistically be displaye by % of Internet users . Supporte browsers Chrome and Chrome Android Opera and Opera Mini UC Browser Samsung Internet Browsers that will introduce support within a few months Firefox (Mozilla ege Microsoft. How to use the WebP format? Optimizing images with WebP should not be a problem for anyone.

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