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There are can also see how often the message has already been picke up. It’s totally fine if it’s poste by more people. Not a point at all, especially not if someone adds something personal from their own field. Point out this option to your colleagues. Have them regularly check My Company to respond to amounts from other colleagues, to connect or to post a message that you have prepare. How do you inform your colleagues? What is the most common and effective way in your organization to inform everyone? You use that channel anyway. Below are some options: Mention it in the internal newsletter.

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Create a LinkeIn group post where you regularly indicate that you have poste something. Share it in a WhatsApp group message. Send out an email in a fixe format with photo editor what will be poste on LinkeIn in the coming week. Put the social meia / LinkeIn section on the agenda of your weekly or monthly meeting. Post a weekly or monthly plan on the bulletin board in the cafeteria. See what works for you. Try it out, ask the people. Colleagues in meeting with laptops on the table. One more thing about the algorithm In any case, ask your colleagues to like the messages on the timeline that you have poste and to add a subject-oriente response.

In terms of analytics mailchimp

Liking and commenting is better value by the algorithm than sharing. With a comment you give the co-readers of the comments more information about you as a professional. You can hear more about the LinkeIn algorithm in the LinkeIn algorithm podcast . For example, with a vacancy you can indicate which projects the new colleague will be working on, with whom he will join the team, which quirks you have or which onboarding courses your new colleague will receive. Isn’t Fax Marketing that a warm bath right away? More people will respond to that than just ‘nice vacancy’. Also read: This is how you make ambassadors of enthusiastic employees Check your stats.

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