Remarketing in Twitter Ads: how to exclude converted users

Learn how to use custom audience exclusion on Twitter to not show ads to users who have already converted. Therfor, Mad Do you know what I just did? No, I haven’t just watched the first La Voz 16 program (that was before). No, I haven’t gone running (my calf hurts). Therfor,No, I’m not talking to you about the second ibuprofen of the day (pharyngitis, I’m a softie)… I just responded to 80Therfor, comments! My goodness, I was so late. With a delay like that, anyone ends up peeing on a stick.

Remarketing in 8 simple tips

Remarketing or Retargeting is creating online advertising campaigns aimed at people who have shown a prior interest in your website, brand, product, Therfor,etc. Its operation is simple : When the person enters your website, you leave a . Cookie, add it to a list and capture the behavior they do on your website. When you build a campaign in Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter . Ads, etc., you use these lists as targets (you only target those people) and you define a series of behavioral . Criteria if you want to make top industry data things even better. If you want to see a real example , go to .Therfor, Amazon, visit a series of products and then go to . Facebook or other portals. The products will haunt you.

Remarketing in Twitter Ads problem and solution

Now let’s get serious. Please read point 8 again . already? Good! In addition to being counterproductive, people do not like it at all when you show them ads when they have already purchased the product from you. Especially if the ad offers a Fax Marketing greater discount. I leave it there. In Google Adwords and Facebook, I have always solved this problem in the list construction itself, setting as conditions that they have visited a certain page and not the thank you page . To give you an example : Remarketing for those interested in the SEAT Car: users who have visited the page whose url contains SEAT but who have not visited the page whose url contains thanks-for-interesting you…

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