Google Analytics Assistant tips generated by your real data

Google Analytics Assistant, and in bold. OK Mr.  Inflexible from Yoast? Ale. ready. We can continue. Strange days  .When you start with one thing and end up with another, fortuitous discoveries. strange things.  To start laughing. I tell you? Well look, let’s start with the feeling of ” nooooo, that pendrive where I have everything doesn’t work?” (looks up) But what have I done to you? Hey? You forgave the Romans, posh! «. My heart races, denial phase, then .Wction (that of: I’m sure something can be done) and, well, I would have moved on to acceptance if it hadn’t been for having come across a tool that I

Explore big insights automatically generated from your data with Google Analytics Assistant

Allow me to quote the text with which the Google Analytics post category email list where they announce the Assistant function begins: «For marketers, entrepreneurs and product designers it is very important to be constantly connected to data. However, data alone rarely provides the insight needed to drive a business. Extracting a couple of key ideas, interpreting them and acting on them can be really expensive. If we add to this that we live in a hyperconnected, global and frenetically dynamic world, the cost of synthesis, analysis, interpretation and action of this data can be very expensive .

Changes are coming to the Google Analytics interface

Good good. We are already at the end of a post where we learn about a tool to save data, an aesthetic need for a server (not web, me, get it? jur jur), an update of “statistics for dummies” that Google launches Fax Marketing and some changes that are to arrive. What do you think is little? Well okay, let me tell you something that will soon be available to everyone and that I will tell you about in the future: Google 360 ​​Optimize . You haven’t heard about it? Well, I already have one for a post. Hehehehe.

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