Techniques and Tactics for Fishing Moonfish

Moon fish (tarpon) is an estuarine fish species that should be a license for every angler.

Although this game fish in our country does not reach the mega size like its brothers out there, but the resistance given is no less interesting.

Fast running and amazing jumps will definitely make us not tired of this species.

Therefore, this article will try to discuss in detail the tactics and techniques of seducing this big-eyed species using lures effectively.

This fish likes to play in open areas and is near the surface of the water

CIn order to hunt moonfish, we must first Phone Number List understand its nature.

Moonfish are fish that live in estuaries, swamps or water reservoirs that have a suitable salinity level.

Its habit is to take air while displaying shiny scales.

Therefore, it will make it easier for us to detect it.

But don’t think that this fish is easily seduced.

mega moon fish
Tarpon species outside the country can reach mega sizes | WorldCast Angler
Sometimes it will continue to disappear when it realizes that there are anglers trying to hunt it. It’s a fish that is easily naughty.

Sometimes, it’s just “selling high” and making fools of the lure.

2. The appropriate hook for casting moonfish

Therefore we should diligently change lures to find what opens up his appetite

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Because fish like to play near the surface, the types Fax Marketing of lures that are effective to tempt moonfish are:

Since this fish rarely exceeds 1kg in size, the use of a small lure (no more than 7cm) is more practical.

Shiny lures are often easier to attract the attention of these fish.

Moonfish lure
Moonfish are easily fooled with a popper (Jackson RA Pop 70mm)
If you are a fly angler, this is also a technique that has proven to be more effective at tempting moonfish.

But the most important thing is to use a sharp and strong hook.

This is because moonfish have hard jaws, making it difficult for us to make a solid hookup.

In addition, it is a species that likes to jump.

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