Repeat the experience and it becomes a habit. Establish a route in advance or very quickly. At the beginning of the walk. For a simple reason: so as not to be distracted from the conversation by starting to search for directions. In the maps application. Define the topic or topics of the conversation . Here I refer to the points of the meeting. It is obvious that there will be social conversation as well, not everything can. Be talking. About current or upcoming projects. If you notice, it is a rule that applies to any type of meeting, whether in a room or on zoom: it is essential to know what we are going to talk about. Prepare : all the more reason. You have to prepare since you can’t walk around with a computer in your hand taking a look at what you didn’t do before. Yes, there are many people who go to meetings without doing their homework first, but a walking meeting exposes them. Leave your cell phone in your backpack or purse , not in your clothing pocket.

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Have a pocket notebook on hand to take notes. Not everything can stay in your. Mind, it is better to take notes. Block time . That means selecting a time of day or a day of the week when you have more peace of mind so you don’t run around. The idea is to take advantage of the instance to disconnect bonus track : finish with breakfast or at least a good coffee. A while ago a friend told me that steve jobs invented walking meetings. I really do not know. The truth is that I did not take that practice  Germany WhatsApp Number Data  from him but rather it was a way to solve a recurring problem associated with remote work: a sedentary lifestyle. Coffee at the walk meeting. Walking meetings in times of , some things have changed and adaptations are needed: during the quarantine periods , an important change has been not being able to end the meeting with breakfast or coffee sitting in a neighborhood cafe but having to walk with the glass in hand. Within everything, you have to know how to adapt.

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Called walks . It’s very simple: instead of sitting in the office talking on the phone or on zoom / meet / skype, we make the call while we walk. Here I Bolivia WhatsApp Number List confess that I am the one who walks. Usually the other people are still in the office, by their own choice. Until now I only knew of a friend from canada who does telephone meetings while she and her interlocutor are walking, each on her own. Due to distance issues and to avoid spending time in transportation to get from point a to point b, they chose to transform the meetings that were previously face-to-face walks into telephone walk meetings. Did you like the idea? Are your circle of colleagues and friends practicing the walk meeting? Share your experience. If you have tips to get the most out of this instance, I would love to read from you. Shareshare on facebook tweettweet on twitter pinpin on pinterest 3 comments hile most of us have already returned to our old routine of work, exercise and social life, others are struggling to find the courage to return to an active life and feel physically good about ourselves.

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