Carmen we started with walking meetings. About two years ago, both as a formula. For internal meetings and to hold meetings. With industry colleagues. Table of contents how did this start? Tips for a successful walk meeting walking meetings in. Times of covid what is it about? It’s very simple: instead of having meetings sitting and locked in an office, we go outdoors, walk and talk. The combination of aerobic exercise and work obligations can only result in something healthy that helps you end a sedentary lifestyle. How did this start? Since I founded I have been working remotely. While she went to many client meetings at their offices, she also spent too much time sitting.


Furthermore,realized that there is not much difference

Detween sitting in the home office versus going. To the corner cafe to meet. In itself, a change of scenery is fine, having. A coffee is wonderful, but walking a couple of blocks and then continuing to sit does not contribute much and you continue to have a sedentary life . This is how one day I thought about proposing to someone to go for a walk instead of having a coffee on the  Belgium WhatsApp Number Data  corner. I don’t remember who was the first person with whom I had a walking meeting, but I think the “white march” was at the end o and at the beginning of 2019 it was already an ongoing experiment. Chat conversation. Later that became a habit and forming habits is essential in life, work and entrepreneurship. Among the benefits that I can highlight from walking, one is to encourage an active life by practicing aerobic exercise .

Another of the main ones is the fact that the interlocutor

Present and attentive , and in a hyperconnected. World, full of distractions and devices, having a person’s attention. Becomes scarce, which makes it Benin WhatsApp Number List difficult to hold effective meetings. For this reason, being present not only physically but also with the intention of listening is essential. Phone call. Tips for a successful walk meeting from my experience with this activity I want to share with you some tips so that the walk meeting is not (just) a walk and turns into a real meeting, is productive and you get the most out of it: go with sneakers or comfortable shoes . It is essential to be able to walk comfortably. If you are in an office and you walk with high heels, nothing happens, but with a walking meeting you won’t get very far and you will probably end up with blisters.

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