Fo some people, the word planning complicates things a bit. Sometimes we think we’re not good at it, but we forget that it’s a very human habit Think for a moment: what do you do before going to do your weekly grocery shopping? Do your trips and vacations happen overnight? Surely, during your life you have practiced planning even in the most everyday actions. Table of contents planning to improve. of our lives. So, having assumed these advantages, what are you waiting for to also start planning other tasks that concern your life? Planning to improve personal and professional productivity from time to time it is essential that you do a task analysis, retrospectively reviewing what you are really doing.

Therefore, we want to invite you to take care of optimizing

This exercise will be very useful to understand what tasks and activities are essential, what you can stop doing, what can be outsourced, and to learn to delegate. This dynamic consists of the following: in the first column on the left, list all the tasks that occupy your time, that are recurring and have a number of hours associated with them. Include your ongoing and pending projects. In the  France WhatsApp Number Data second column, identify what is essential . These are the tasks, activities and projects that only you can do. Mark with a check those that qualify in this category. Then, in the third column, mark the tasks that you could eliminate , those that you can stop doing, because they do not add value to the client or your team. In the fourth column, mark everything that is possible to delegate , that which another person could do.

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To solve it, ask yourself: “if my man hour is worth x, can I pay someone to do it while I focus on the essentials?” in the fifth column, mark the tasks that can be automated . They are repetitive, they require a lot of time and today there are applications and web Belize WhatsApp Number List  platforms that would help you automate them: scheduling meetings, translations of texts, transcriptions of interviews or audio and video talks, image editing, etc. In the sixth column, ask yourself: “is it really necessary for me to do this task?” the idea is that you identify everything that is feasible to outsource . optimize time to make your daily life more efficient, always with the aim of improving personal and professional productivity in all types of businesses.

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