You are not sure and do not want to risk it, when the traffic light is red, stop,

Take a couple of photos (you will surely find some. Monument or baroque building there) and when. It turns green, continue. tourist has come to and could not think of anything better than to write her name and. The date of her trip on a pillar of the colosseum. And she is not the only one . -old tourist carved a huge k, the initial of her name, in the already badly. Battered amphitheater. Sadly, there are many, many other stories of this type. These types of people are not tourists, but rather, “tourist criminals”; and they are fortunately only a very small part of the tourism we receive. So, to be a sustainable tourist, the minimum is to show a little respect for the magnificent monuments of our city, so that your children too, according to the idea of ​​the “intergenerational pact”, can continue to admire these incredible architectural prodigies.

Sustainability according to the dow jones index

Every year there are more and more companies trying to. Earn the title of “leaders in sustainability.” the designation of this important characteristic Italy WhatsApp Number Data  corresponds to the companies sp jones indices and , which every year since. Publish the dow jones sustainability index, which, as the same word says, evaluates the sustainability of thousands of companies around the world. The importance that this index is receiving from year to year is a reflection of the change that is occurring in society. In fact, consumers are increasingly more informed and more demanding in relation to the products they buy and the social and environmental impacts caused by manufacturers. An emblematic case of this change in mentality is the scandal that arose over palm oil.

The by a group of environmentalists) against the

Destruction of thousands and thousands of hectares of jungle have begun a process of raising awareness in society, forcing companies to remove Belgium WhatsApp Number List palm oil from many products. This is the perfect example of how environmental sustainability influences the profit of a company, mainly due to a change that has occurred in the behavior of consumers and investors – since financial agents today focus on environmental and social sustainability (apart from of the economic) to evaluate a “what came first, the chicken ords, are huge multinationals really sustainable or are they becoming more sustainable to score better on sustainability indices? Whatever the answer, if the end result is that companies improve their sustainability standards, I think it can still be considered a success. For exampled for health – has begun to produce the “zero” line of its products.

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