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The missing out on potential opportunities. Heres how you could make a few small changes that mean youre marketing your services. Its been great working with you on this project. Ive attached the final invoice. Let me know if theres anything else I can help you with. Whats the difference here First youre dropping a feelgood compliment. If youve enjoyed working with a client why not let them know Second youre opening the door to work with them on another project. Youre not using high pressure sales tactics. Youre just making yourself available. take a second example lets say youre an online retailer.

A customer has just made a purchase and you

Send over confirmation of their order via email. You could just send out a standard confirmation email. Or you could Argentina Business Email List add a short note Customers who bought this product also purchased… Again this isnt a highpressure sales tactic. Its just adding a marketing element to a basic communications email. Advantages of Basic Emails Every business sends out emails. Its part of what we do every day. Being conscious of the marketing elements in all your emails is good business practice. Disadvantages of Basic Emails Its vital to recognize that all your emails are a form of marketing.

But if you stop your email marketing strategy

B2B Email List

There you sell yourself short. You also need to email a list. Promotions and Offers In these emails your aim is to Iran Phone Number make sales. You write the email to let customers know about your products and services and to give them an incentive to buy now. Promotional emails may include new products or product lines your latest discounts a discount coupon or code products that are of special interest to the customer youre emailing These emails are typically imagerich showing customers the products they might like to buy. They should always include a call to.

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