The action such as click here to buy now. t for businesses that sell a wide range of products. That way they can vary their promotions. However they can work for servicebased businesses if used alongside other types of email. Advertisement Advantages of Promotional Emails Businesses use promotional emails because they work. Telling your customers about your latest offers and products will mean theyre more likely to make a purchase. Disadvantages of Promotional Emails Send out too many emails and you risk annoying your subscribers.

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As spam or unsubscribe. However there is a way to combat these disadvantages. To keep your followers engaged Bolivia Business Email List  you must make your emails relevant to them. In other words promotional emails work best if theyre personalized to the customer receiving them. An email can be personalized based on a customers past purchases on their browsing behavior in your online store on links theyve clicked in previous emails or on preferences they selected when they signed up to your email list. Why is personalization so effective Because youre showing potential customers products that are relevant to their needs.

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Likely to get opened and acted upon if theyre relevant to the recipient. Almost ll marketing professionals Israel Phone Number recognize this. A survey by Emailvision found that of online marketing managers believe that sending welltargeted personalized emails is either important or very important in securing the best response rate. Yet the same study found that only one in five of those questioned personalize all the emails they send. On top of that of respondents said they werent fully using all the available customer data provided by their email campaigns. If personalization is so effective why arent marketing managers doing it Because it takes time and energy. So if you make the effort to personalize your.

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