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The first thing that happens when installing the extension, considering less advanced users, is that the Configuration Wizard will be activated so that you can prepare some of the main options for the topic. I recommend you run it, although later you can get more details section by section in the “ theme panel”. Advanced Settings via Theme Panel With “ Theme Panel”, you will be able to configure many options in it.

are related to WooCommerce and Gutenberg

 Because it offers a lot of possibilities, you will be able to save resources and improve the latest database performance of the page by retaining only the features required by the website and ignoring other features that you do not need: Theme Panel: Here you can select and deselect some of the theme options that interest or are not active. You can also make the initial configuration. “ my library”: from here you can create templates and then use them in different places in the theme, add hooks, code, etc.

are only available in some pricing plans

 Scripts and Styles: If you have theme options that you do not intend to use, I recommend that you deselect them here so that you will save resources by only retaining what you use on the site. Import Fax Marketing Export: In this section, you can export or import the theme configuration to use on other websites. Installation Demo: From this section you can quickly add templates created by the team.

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