.Water consumption is closely to. Temperature. With record temperatures expected, heat. Alerts and temperature predictions will be. for use by visitors and participants. Tokyo is already facing the effects of climate change, and hosting the summer will only make those effects even more unbearable. Some countries still face irreversible damage as past games hosts .  entirely. Tokyo to start promoting sustainability now and continue to do so even after the games, as some of the damage done to its environment will be irreversible.

With their record high temperatures they  more

Japan has just their heat wave a national. Disaster, after 80 people have and .Thousands have been due to the high Israel WhatsApp Number Data temperatures. Measurements are being protect the elderly and young. Children as japan has hit a record high temperature o in , just northwest of the capital, tokyo. This may be a problem. Tokyo is set to host the summer and with. Their heat wave causing numerous deaths, many are wondering how japan will. Factor in this issue within the games. They have been planting more trees along the route the runners are set  from the trees will likely not be enough to protect against possible fainting and dehydration.

Olympic games created a goal to incorporate

Main factors into the olympics: the spo., the culture and the environment. In the past, many countries who hosted the games did not do much to factor in the.  aspect into the games but with climate change on the rise.This issue is something that Bahamas Whatsapp Number List cannot be . Now, japan has released a sustainability report, that ensures that the environment is incorporated into the 2020 olympics through three main themes. Climate change the journey to go into the direction of zero carbon emission. Their sustainability report has revealed  their competition venues and the olympic village.

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