The food and agriculture organization of nations) is clear. about . livestock sector produces an enormous impact on environment, emitting around 70 million tons o equivalent each year. Livestock farming is responsible for production f total emissions, percentage of greenhouse gases  by the entire transportation sector. But what would happen if everyone were vegan? For who are particularly concerned about welfare of animals and environment, making decision to become vegan seems at first glance very obvious. According to report process would decrease by 70% if world became vegan. And not only this.

The study has also analyzed the relationship between

Vegetarian lifestyle (which consists of not eating any type of meat) and a vegan lifestyle (which in addition to not eating meat, also does not accept the Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data consumption of products from animals) and te individuals. numbers are impressive: the spread of vegetarian diet could prevent 7.3 million deaths in 2050, while vegan diet could prevent 8.1 million. “is by decrease in meat consumption and the increase in fruit and vegetable consumption, which would some types of diseases such as diabetes, stroke and coronary heart disease calorie main plant products (for example rice and cereals).

Additionally, the remaining of land used for livestock could be

Tim benton, nutrition expert at the. university everyone went vegan, it could create a health crisis in developing countries. Where would the come from?” land for humans or animals? Todae land suitable for crops is used by livestock . If we all became vegetarians, we would ideally dedicate at lea land to restoring grasslands and  Austria WhatsApp Number List  forests, which would play a huge role in sequestering carbon and alleviating climate into crops for humans. . In short, if on the one hand the idea of ​​becoming vegan seems very attractive due tbenefits it would  governments.

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