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To “create links” between people and spread love on the networks. social. On Facebook This is more “general public” communication, we react to news that affects most of the population. It often happens to use Twitter as a “lab” and broadcast the best tweets on Facebook. We also want to “create a link” with Facebook: Create a link with our company by responding as much as possible to people who leave a comment But also create a link between people by creating publications that “remind someone” or that are easily shared. Of course, we also broadcast our floral news by presenting our new collections.

That have met with great success

On Instagram Instagram being a more “contemplative” network, we more regularly post photos of the floral creations that are available on our site. It is a “bubble” of tenderness that people can share with their friends. We also Latest Mailing Database distribute content related to general public news, such as on Facebook. We use stories a lot to communicate about our various news. Interflora is behind many initiatives that have met with great success, especially on Twitter. What do you think are the most significant? If we have to retain 3 initiatives, there is of course the. Announcement of the delivery of flowers without an address simply with the recipient’s telephone number or email address.

It has been several years since

Latest Mailing Database

This is an innovation very suitable for social networks because it is always more difficult to give your address to a stranger than your email address. So many Fax Marketing people have RT this news to ask their communities to offer them flowers. We have many, many people on Twitter who have delivered or received flowers using this new feature. We can also talk about the news of women’s rights day. Every year during this day, Interflora is cited in a “negative” way, even though it has been several years since we have carried out promotional operations during this period. To counter these criticisms.

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