The plan to collate posts from multiple authors see the following tutorial for the process to follow A Proven StepbyStep Process for Managing MultiAuthor Blogs Alexis Grant Dec Another option is to outsource the content creation to a freelancer but be careful who you choose.  the line here and you need to hire someone you trust. Once youve got the topics and the authors sorted out its time to create an editorial calendar. If youre using WordPress the free Editorial Calendar plugin is useful. Otherwise a simple spreadsheet or whatever app youre comfortable with is fine.

Try to plan out content several months in

That sounds like a lot but it pays to get aheadthe last thing you want to do when blogging is to go for a while Guatemala Business Email List without posting and be casting around desperately for ideas. The longrange plan can have plenty of room for adjustments to account for current eventsits good for a blog to be uptodate but its also good to have some evergreen content planned out. Also look out for seasonal events or commemorative days that could give you a good angle for a post. Think of some regular features that will help to give your content structure.

For example if you blog once a week maybe

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One of the four monthly slots could be an interview with an industry leader the second could be a topical newsdriven post Hungary Phone Number the third could be a video giving an inside look at some aspect of your firm and the fourth could be an advice or howto article. Thats just an example of courseyour own content strategy could be very different. The point is to plan out your content well in advance so that you have a clear direction and the material is well thought out based on the personality and interests of your ideal customer. Next Steps So thats.

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