For your end of year christmas2 christmas2 It’s time to take advantage of the rest of 2016 to close the year with a positive balance in your marketing strategies , but what can you do to make the end of the year even better? There are some tactics that you need to keep an eye on, if you haven’t done them during the rest of the year, there’s still time to make up for your losses. Check out: Convert your audience Take the opportunity to insert forms, surveys, newsletters, in the sidebar . Using pop-ups can help you create your audience list, people who are really interested in receiving your content.  types of baits for generating Leads 2# Advertise on social networks (pay for it!) Social networks are increasingly stronger when it comes to paid media. Invest in each of them, according to your followers.

Anyone who thinks that working with Facebook is a great idea

Because the application is free, is very mistaken. Brands must increasingly invest in advertising (whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter). > How to measure and optimize marketing channels Adjust high bounce rates Access your Google Analytics  New Zealand Phone Number Data   account and there, look for your main Landing Pages . On these pages, you should analyze which ones have a bounce rate considerably above your site’s average. Note: There is no such thing as a bad or good bounce rate . This will vary depending on the objective of the website, the market, etc. However, if you analyze and notice that a certain Landing Page on your website is receiving many visits and is having a bounce rate proportionally higher than your website’s average, this can often represent an opportunity.

With some small adjustments you may have an interesting

Impact on your final result.  Listen to your sales team Your marketing and sales team must go hand in hand! Those who work directly with sales  Canada Phone Number List  know what customers are looking for most and what the most frequent questions are. This information is valuable for anyone who works with digital content. Communicate with your team!  Research your customers The best way to define your strategies is to listen to who buys from you. Research who consumes your product/service and ask questions about what made these people choose your brand. Sometimes the team that produces the content insists on a bias that is not of interest to future clients, which is why research is an important part of the process. You can do it once or twice a year, analyze the information captured and then draw your ideas according to the answers.

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