Will you be left behind digital mkt  This prevents the loss trends digital prevents mkt trends beginning of  year is always a good time to renew company’s strategies and is keep an eye on trends so as not to be left out! Digital Marketing is an , specifically, is always in transition, so to help you, we trends were  by Kantar . Check out tips below and get to work! Diversification (Facebook and Snapchat) race for followers is no longer enough to reach podium. Kantar’s research indicates users and social networks will bet on diversification (be it content or tools for an even better experience on social).Personalized experiences (content) Good content has always been key .of brands on internet.

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Looking for differentia content. Identification posts, language, positioning and.  for each one. more you identify Australia Phone Number Data content produc better engagement will be How can Content Marketing help build your brand Chats everywhere! A few years ago, messaging apps took off and.space in people’s lives and smartphones. The public has become using for. Communication and in trend is to increase this type of tool. Applications that reproduce conversation codes to generate automa.with users have emerged as another major trend to watch.


Pinterest claims the throne Even though social networks

Have launched resources and tools to. Facilitate e purchase of products. And services from their channels, conversion is still complex and Brazil Phone Number List  presents results below .Expectations. An exception appears to be Pinterest. Research by Kantar Brown   of. Visitors to the photo-sharing social network site to plan a purchase, actually .Made a purchase after seeing ey, Pinterest’s ability to generate sales is an important. of e platform. full video we most  this This prevents the loss prevents trends for the year, you can. Check it out in the video below! Reasons to invest in digital marketing e full video wi most trends for the year, you can check it out in the video below! Being closer to those who follow your content, in a creative and personalized way, is an attitude that you probably won’t be able to ignore.


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