What is an SSL security certificate and what is it for

Today, most websites use a technology called HTTPS, which means that communication between the website and the browser is encrypted. In this sense, the SSL security certificate is used in many. Online transactions, such as electronic commerce (ecommerce) sites. Online banking services or social media platforms (among others). But, to go into more detail, let’s see in this article what an. SSL certificate is, how and for what purpose they are used in all our digital transactions. Now that we have defined and grounded the concept of what an SSL security certificate is, let’s see in detail what it is for or what its purpose is.

What is an SSL security

In the first instance, the SSL security certificate makes sure that the information is encrypted so that no one else can read it. Including hackers or government Betting Email List agencies such as the NSA, for example. So, you could say that the purpose of the SSL certificate is to ensure that people accessing or browsing through a website are who they say they are, and not hackers trying to access your personal data or other sensitive information. Something that would be possible without previously authenticating with a standard HTTP or HTTPS client. How to obtain an SSL security certificate Given the critical role that these types of certificates play on the Internet, they can be obtained directly from a Certificate Authority (CA).

And they can range

Free to costing hundreds of euros, always depending on the level of security necessary in each case. Steps to obtain an SSL certificate Let’s now see the step Fax Marketing by step. To obtain this certificate and, later, be able to integrate. It into a site or web page: Server configuration and WHOIS registration. We can do this once it is updated and all data matches (company name and address, etc.). Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Generation . What is an The web hosting company or hosting service can help you in this step. Sending to the certification authority. And that, in this sense, a secure website is one that encrypts and protects the sensitive data and information of the navigators.

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