Driven by new consumption habits, technological evolution and transformations. New means of payment have been part of brazilians’ daily lives in recent years. If before cash was the most used and valued form of purchase.  Today new methods have ended up replacing this means of payment and have become increasingly popular among consumers. New solutions such as pix, approximation payments, qr code and the use of wallets and digital currencies ended up transforming the financial scenario, both for companies and for customers themselves. With the increase in this digitalization of purchases. However,  more intense use of cards and digital means of payment, the innovation of companies has become a mandatory item to be able to keep up with changes and achieve accelerated business expansion. What do the polls say .


Digital wallets the implementation of new means of payment 

Such as pix and partnerships with cashback companies were the main retail responses to deal with the effects of the coronavirus. Another survey carried out by mastercard . However,  points out that 63% of people used, at least once, new payment methods after the start of the pandemic. This digitization of means of payment was also evidenced in the latest balance sheet of the brazilian association of credit cards and services (abecs). In this survey, it is pointed out USA Business Fax List  that the card sector ended ith growth of 24.6%. The document also shows that brazilians make For instance, on average, 107 million payments per day. Ihe use of cards reached the number of 39.3 billion transactions. In addition, the use of electronic means of payment over the internet and other remote channels, such as apps and digital wallets, grew by 22.8%. Contactless payments totaled more than brl 570 billion, with a surprising growth of 187.8% in check out some more data.



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Use digital wallets for payment. For instance, qr codes are already used by 65% ​​to make or receive payments via pix. 90% of credit card is still one of the most chosen means of payment. For instance,  the modernity  conducted by the brazilian micro. Small business support service (sebrae) in partnership with the brazilian institute of geography  Fax Marketing and statistics (ibge), pix is ​​the main method of receiving payments for meis. The survey was out between august and september with more than six thousand entrepreneurs from all over brazil.  State that this is the main means of the central bank  this new method of instant payment and the popularization was noticed in the first month of operation, by surpassing transactions made as available electronic transfer (ted) and credit document (doc).

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