Find Out How it Benefits your SEO Strategies

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), many factors influence page rankings. 

On top of it all, the competition for the first positions is huge, and competitors know how to have websites considered a reference by Google’s algorithms. 

Therefore, working on some decisive points, like Domain Authority (DA), puts your company in a prominent position.

But the million-dollar question is: exactly what is a good Domain Authority?

DA is not something you build quickly. The sooner you understand this concept, the better. After all, it takes time to create an optimized online presence. 

What Supports Domain Authority as a Metric

Over the years and as the study of SEO has deepened, leading authorities on the subject have come to understand what impacts website rankings.

Beyond basic web optimization issues, some specific factors have a direct influence on a domain’s authority.

Most notably, we can consider the total number of links to a site and their quality (whether they are from sites with good authority).

Quality of Information is another indirect criterion. If you create top-tier content, people will regard you as an expert. Such content earns links from high-ranking sites, boosting your domain authority.

Another criterion for domain authority is the number of competitors in your niche and their DA.

In other words, your domain authority will depend on how authoritative your site is compared to your competitors. Your score is based on the competitor status and DA levels.

If your niche has a lot of competition, you’ll likely struggle to establish domain authority. Exercise care when picking a niche and Ws Database target audience for your website.

It’s better to focus your efforts and provide value to a small, targeted niche than lose domain authority trying to appeal to an overly large group.

There are other additional factors, but Moz is not so clear about what they are. However, it’s worth mentioning that Moz is not the only source that provides this metric in today’s industry.

The fact is that, so far, this metric has proven to be very close to what reality brings. Sites with good DA usually rank well in Google’s SERP.

How Can I Check My Site’s Domain Authority

Moz allows you to conduct a limited number of monthly free domain authority queries. Its free tool shows domain authority level, number of links, and top pages for the site.

To start, type in your domain name. You’ll then be prompted to make a free Fax Marketing account. Once you’re done, click on the activation email to get started.

You can also activate the MozBar plug-in, and see DAs for every website ranking on the SERP, as the first image in this article shows.

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