Take advantage of marketplace opportunities at your company

In recent years, the rise of virtual shopping has changed consumer expectations, and consequently, the need for brands to digitally position themselves . Today, buyers choose where to spend their time and money, do a lot of research on who to buy, and evaluate factors such as: price, reliability, delivery times, quality and payment methods . Analyzing all this market potential, have you ever stopped to think about the opportunities that the marketplace can offer your business? Today, large brazilian companies have increased revenue through the platform, which, it is important to remember, offers benefits to businesses of all sizes. To familiarize ourselves with the subject, let’s understand the concept: a marketplace is a web or mobile platform that connects buyers with sellers and serves to market products and services. Companies that follow this business model act as intermediaries and obtain a fee, percentage or fixed, of the amount traded on the platform.


 A virtual tool that connects supply and demand 


And monetizes with this intermediation between the parties. This format is currently one of the most scalable, so much so that several large and popular companies have joined, such as amazon, mercado livre, airbnb, uber, magazine luiza and ifood. Speaking of magazine luiza, and showing a solid example of the platform’s success, in the first quarter  Austria Business Fax List  or the first time, the brand recorded more sales on the marketplace than in physical stores. It was r$ 4.4 billion, while in physical stores, r$ 4.2 billion. This case shows how much the marketplace can benefit micro and small companies by advertising their products in a space that bears the name of big brands. Keep reading this article to find out more! Check out some data about the marketplace:was the most outstanding year in recent years, with an increase of 67% compared tototaling brl 91.04 billion in sales.


Fax list


It is currently the second most adopted type of enterprise

There are over 332 marketplace unicorns and together they are valued at $5 trillion; mirakl’s global survey “the online marketplace adoption landscape” , released eveals that: the marketplace is the most convenient way to buy for 86% of brazilians; on a regional scale, brazil experienced the highest percentage increase in consumer use of marketplaces Fax Marketing  since  nearly half (44%) of consumers have increased their use of marketplaces in the last 12 months; consumers prefer marketplaces because they offer better prices, product selection, delivery options and shopping experiences; 90% of brazilian “power-shoppers” (consumers who shop online once a week or more) would like more of their favorite retailers to have online marketplaces; 58% of brazilian shoppers said they expected to increase their use of online marketplaces.

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