Find out about the sustainable development goals and how to contribute

Engaging companies can generate new business opportunities and increase market competitiveness. Micro and small companies can benefit from adopting sustainable practices and developing products and services in line with the goals of the  agenda. Companies that adopt sustainable principles are better prepared to deal with new cultural, social, political and economic contexts and end up meeting the expectations of consumers and investors. But, to turn the sdgs into opportunities, it is necessary to understand more about the subject, the requirements, impacts and how they can benefit the company. Keep reading this article to find out more! What are the sustainable development goals (sdgs)


The sdgs were defined in  during the united nations summit


And entered into force in with the intention of being fulfilled byn all, there are 17 sdgs and 169 goals to be achieved by 193 member countries . They are universally applicable, similarly in developing and developed countries. Performance of the sustainable development goals (sdgs) sustainable development would be able to promote a positive balance between the so-called 5 ps, crucial for the continuity of humanity and the planet: people: eradicate poverty Belgium Business Fax List and hunger in every way and guarantee dignity and equality; prosperity: ensure prosperous and fulfilling lives, in harmony with nature; peace: promote peaceful, just and inclusive societies; partnerships: implement the agenda through a solid global partnership; planet: protecting our planet’s natural resources and climate for future generations. How does the  contribute to sustainable development. 


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Check out social the objectives of the social area 


Are related to human needs and cover areas such as: improving the quality of life and justice, access to quality health and education, eradicating poverty, promoting gender equality, promoting employment and work, reducing inequalities, among others. Environmental this set of objectives deals with the preservation and conservation of the environment with actions aimed at preserving and protecting forests, natural resources and biodiversity, combating climate Fax Marketing  change, reversing deforestation, sustainable use of the oceans and marine resources, reducing pollution and waste, among others. Economical it addresses the use and depletion of natural resources, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, waste production, electricity consumption, access to affordable and clean energy, the promotion of innovation and infrastructure, among others. Institutional it is the ability to put the sdgs into practice, such as promoting global partnerships for sustainable development.

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