Product Mastery Pathways

I came across your profile because I see that you Product Mastery also follow Dean Romero on Instagram. The truth is that I love him. He shares super good tips to gain visits on Google. In fact, I’m even in their SEO Warriors community.” Step 2. You talk to him about what is missing on his website: Once he answers you and you talk a little, you are going to mention that you have seen that something is missing on his website and that it can be easily improved. “ I’ve been taking a look at your website and I’ve seen that you share great content about psychology. Above all, I loved “X’s” post. However, I have started to analyze it at an SEO level out of curiosity.

Optimization Product Mastery you would achieve great changes

I have seen that you barely have any visits industry email list and this is because (loading speed, H1, Keywords…) I don’t know if it is something you are working on now? Or maybe you haven’t had time.” Step 3 you send him a video: To better understand what errors are involved and to generate even more confidence, you send him an explanatory video. Plus, this way he hears your voice. “ I am seeing that with a very basic optimization you would achieve great changes on your website. Look, I recorded a super quick video for you commenting on what would improve.

Attract more patients to your practice

“I’m sure it can help you.” Step 4, you call him: If he shows Fax Marketing interest, offer to meet with you. In that session, which can be via Zoom, you will build even more trust, you will provide them with more value and finally you will offer them your services. “ If you want to give this a try, I have more ideas to optimize your website so you can attract more patients to your practice. Do you think I could tell you this on a Zoom call this week and it would be clearer to you?” It may seem silly to you, but it works. I know this because it’s what I do and it works great for me. Maybe not all the people you talk to become sales, but a large portion do.

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