How would you do it, reader? And here Product Pros we come What I’m really interested in is knowing your opinion. What would you do in my situation with that money? Which of the 3 options would you opt for? I would love to see the opinion of some readers and hey… maybe you are reading me now and you already invest, in which case I would be happy to meet you and chat with you, maybe I can give you other things back. I like this moment in my life. By getting into this I feel like I am changing the heaviness of someone who feels like a “champion” in something, for the pleasant lightness of a beginner .

That I have increasingly Product Pros mastered the art of launches

Logically, in the world of SEO I still have top industry data a lot to do, many goals and challenges to conquer (Romu says he is Top 1 for an SEO master’s degree, but what he doesn’t know is that soon we are going to overtake him in Google, with the master’s degree . by DinoRANK ). I have a lot left to do and a lot to say… but it’s not the same. I feel that I have increasingly mastered the art of launches, that I have built a great community and then I have known how to create good products for that community (by the way, I explain this in detail in my book published with Planeta ).

Person you see who is a potential client starts following

I have been Fax Marketing able to make a lot of money from niches. Even more money if possible from teaching others how to monetize with niches. Okay. But… and now what? I need to challenge myself again and this post in which I reflect for you with an open heart is the result. I read you in the comments. When a person you see who is a potential client starts following you.

When they leave you a like or a comment, or when you discover an interesting profile even if they have not interacted with you, you are going to follow these steps. I’ll give you an example of how an SEO consultant would do it: Step 1. Connecting things in common: You are going to open a DM (private message), you are going to say hello and you are going to mention something you have in common. 

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