Search surpasses social networks in providing visibility on the web brand. Business. Digital is the main source of traffic for a website search or social? It would be natural to answer that social networks are the main tool for having great visibility on the web . Because social networks have been the main sources of traffic to a website for a long time . In reality. Something change in 2017. In recent years. Social networks have repeately confirme themselves as the main channel in bringing users to websites: it was enough to click on a post share on a social network to bring people to a website and get traffic! 

Trend reversal: search begins its climb

Of all the social networks. Facebook naturally emerge . Which. Especially in 2014. Generate the greatest number of clicks to websites. Confirming itself as the first new database source of traffic par excellence. Followe by other social networks such as instagram. Twitter or youtube . In this scenario. Search had lost ground: people’s online searches on search engines. After having held 1st place for years. Had been overtaken by the success of social meia and all investments and expectations were concentrate on these. Trend reversal: search begins its climb the latest research conducte by shareaholic for the year 2017 highlighte the change underway: the main referral is no longer social meia. But search or organic search .

Are social networks still useful for visibility on the web?

 Which therefore becomes the main source of traffic and the most important means of having visibility on the web! Data in hand. Search brings 34.8% of traffic. While social networks Fax Marketing bring 25.6%! There is no doubt that the search engine most use by people is google. Which during 2017 grew by 20.9%. Followe by bing and yahoo. Which are at 16.4% and 17.3% respectively. %. During 2017. Search engines grew twice as fast as social meia. Regaining lost ground! To make your website known. It is therefore important to continue investing in seo or invest more to give your site a good positioning and reach page 1 of the serp! Are social networks still useful for visibility on the web? Yes of course! Shareaholic search certainly does not undermine the creibility and power of social platforms. 

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