Website or Facebook Page? Why Not Both

 Website or facebook page? Why not both? Digital. Web can the facebook page replace the website? Website or facebook page is a very recurring question that many of our customers ask us! Let’s immeiately clarify that a facebook page cannot replace the website . Because it is a tool that “Works” in parallel with the site. The facebook page . In fact. Is create to strengthen the activity of the website to which it is connecte. In order to share its contents and bring in new traffic. In concrete terms. However. It can be understood that. For certain types of business. Especially new activities. It is possible to start from the facebook page.

So what to answer to the question

 But knowing the relationship between the site and the company page. So what to answer to the website or facebook page question? When a customer asks us what to choose between a new data website and a facebook page. We don’t immeiately give a dry answer. Like “In your case. The website” or “Definitely the facebook page!”. Before answering. It is essential to always carry out a marketing analysis. Starting from the study of the type of activity. The objectives that the company wants to achieve. And the virtual places most frequente by the target. 

Website and Facebook page are two different platforms

In marketing. In fact. You don’t make random choices. But targete choices. And every action must be done taking into account all the factors in play. Which have a different Fax Marketing role in the marketing strategy. If. For example. A lot to search for information on the products to purchase. The website is to be recommende; if customers are social meia lovers. It is advisable to also open a facebook page in addition to the site. So. Rather than having to choose. It is better to use both platforms. Which are connecte! Website and facebook page are two different platforms the difference between the two platforms also explains why the facebook page cannot replace the website and confirms once again how the question  page” is actually a poorly formulate question. 

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