Fly fishing is an effective method of seducing the moon photo by Perak Fly Fishing Syndicate
As soon as he realizes that he is trapped, he will perform an acrobatic jump that will make the lure come out of his mouth in an instant.

This is what makes fishing so thrilling.

3. Equipment that is balanced and suitable for the month
Due to the use of small lures, we need to downsize the rod and reel to be used.

Light class equipment will facilitate the presentation of small

In fact it will give maximum satisfaction in serving this species.

I like to use a 4-10lb light set with a 6lb main line. The Database use of a small fluorocarbon leader is sufficient.

The use of light sets will give more balance and fun
Don’t worry, moonfish don’t like to play dirty by bringing the rope to the reba gap. After all, the size rarely reaches the size of 2kg.

What becomes his difficult weapon are acrobatic jumps that often disappoint anglers.

Let’s have a look at this species hunting video recorded by sifu Ahmad Radhafizal.

In addition, it is also active in the evening until dusk, which is when the time is getting dimmer.

We can detect the activity of this species through boiling done on the surface of the water.

At noon, moonfish usually disappear and are difficult to spot.

Game fish which is less popular in our country..
tarpon moonfish
Tarpon aka Bulan, a game fish that is highly regarded abroad

This fish is indeed less popular among anglers in our country compared to Siakap


Not a tasty fish and lots of bones
Its small size compared to its relatives in North Fax Marketing  America
We have limited time to hunt it. Either early in the morning or late in the evening.
If you still don’t have a lunar species license, then it’s time you try to get one.

This species may not be large in size, but its jumping and escape skills will thrill its hunters.

His kick is really different!

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