The push that companies need to get on they

The push that Companies have been investing for years. In improving their environmental behavior. However, the situation on the planet. Continues without improving. You don’t have to be very smart to realize that something isn’t working. Paul , former director of the multinational. Unilever, and a leading figure in business sustainability, explains that the focus of companies until now has been to mitigate the damage caused by their operations. Today this is not enough. We must overcome this traditional vision of corporate social responsibility and undertake more ambitious objectives.

There is no need for more technological

Bevelopment, what is missing is the will to undertake. Changes ( you can see his motivating speech here ). I wonder what the barriers are  prevent companies from going down this path. On the one hand, society, increasingly aware, is not going to tolerate companies that continue seeking above all Korea Phone Number Data  to maximize shareholder value no matter how much they disguise it with small actions under the label of “sustainable development.” on the other hand, there are more and more managers who agree that incorporating sustainability criteria is necessary to remain competitive and better manage risks. When climate change impacts habitats and people, it is simultaneously altering supply chains and production costs.

The reason for being a company is to offer products or services

Pretending that under the current functioning. Of the markets, large companies decide, on their own initiative, to begin to have a real positive. Impact on the Italy Phone Number List environment is very idealistic. There is a minority of visionary and. Independent entrepreneurs who are developing. These types of offers aligned with their values. Most. Large companies are prisoners of the interests of shareholders who insist on continuing. To milk the cow with a short-term vision. A willingness to collaborate. Between companies would be needed to work together to change the rules of the game and .Redefine the concept of business success. Looking for ways to accelerate the. t brings a benefit. We consumers are the ones who determine the success of a business.

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