The push that Itis very possible that the ephemeral plastics .Will be reduced to two or three types, not hundreds. Or thousands as now, and that they. Will carry their identification clearly (not like now, when you need a magnifying. Glass to figure out what type of plastic they. Are made  This will greatly. Facilitate their selective separation. And will allow them to be recycled in a closed circuit. And here an important. Dilemma appears: where do we put the plastic. Bottle that we just emptied? We have two. Options, the yellow container, which already exists, t containers, disappeared around .

You went to the store with the bottles and they gave

You the equivalent of half a euro for each. Container you handed over. Currently, other methods. Can be used, such as compacting. Machines that swallow  Japan Phone Number Data the bottles and give you money in exchange, or even tickets for. Public transportation. It will also be possible to reuse the bottle many. materials, and will be very easy to wash thanks to its design). But in the end the discarded bottles, carefully sorted, will enter the factory and be converted into new bottles, which in turn will be refilled, sent to their destination, consumed, separated, and re-manufactured in an endless cycle, just like the that exist in nature for all kinds of materials.

And now we come to the harsh reality, the way we

The percentages vary greatly depending on the source, but it is known that the  Iran Phone Number List  percentage of disposable. Plastics The push that recycled in a closed circuit is very small, less than . Also that a large part of the discarded bottles end up in the yellow. Container, but that another important part is left outside, starting the long process of conversion into. Plastic microparticles that will end up in the fish’s gut and finally in our stomach. A very large percentage of discarded plastic ends up abandoned in huge landfills , in our country or on another continent. If we measured the circularity rate of plastic bottles, with. recycling as we described above, we .Have a figure of less than  Right now we are all circular.

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