Giving Parents the Opportunity to Get Involved

A third reason why homework is so important to student success is that it allows children to benefit from parental involvement.

Students who have parents who are active in their education often do much better in school.

And without homework, parents have little opportunity to get involved.

Homework allows parents to see what their children are being taught at school and allows them to assess their child’s progress.

Parents who help their children overcome “homework difficulties” by providing encouragement through communication and action — will send the message that success in school is important in life.

Older children may not like to admit it but all children naturally want to please their parents

And if their parents place high value on Whatsapp Mobile Number List achievement and school work, children are more likely to do well.

Forming good homework completion skills is the key to every student’s success at school.

Homework gives many benefits to children, not just adding to the knowledge they learn.

It Also Helps Students Form Discipline. However, Self-study Skills, Repeat What They. Learn and Prepare Accept What Will Be Taught in Class Later.

And it is very encouraging for children to have their own parents involved in their learning

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Especially when we have clear instructions from Fax Marketing Allah that giving should be given priority to relatives and also the poor through older family members or we can contribute to one of their big expenses.

For example financing their children’s education or medical costs and so on.

8. Be the main focus of our family
If we practice some of the advice above, we will be the main focus in the family.

Take this responsibility happily and encourage our relatives to reconnect with each other.

9. Resolve old issues
As we build relationships with family members, we may have the opportunity to resolve old issues.

How can we solve it?

– Ask an older family member for help.

We may be able to take advantage of Ramadhan or Hari Raya where family members are more inclined to forgive and forget, and start all their family relationships on the basis of love and mercy, God willing.

Starting today, try to set goals to improve and strengthen family relationships.

It will not take long, but will definitely leave a positive impact on our relatives.

Even the effect is better for yourself.

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