Social networks are a communication and sales strategy that is inseparable from the women’s business. When it comes to the digital presence of female entrepreneurs. Social networks, along with messaging apps, are the tools most used by them. According to research by the instituto rede mulher empreendedora. Irme, from of women entrepreneurs believe that the impact of digitization is positive for the business. The study also found that there was an increase in the use of websites for online sales . With more than half of the entrepreneurs using e-commerce platforms, their own website/blog. Social networks and messaging applications for management, dissemination and sales. Survey conducted by rd station. A digital marketing company, found that instagram is the social network preferred by 90% of study participants. As it has the most potential to generate new business. 


The reasons that point to the user’s preference

For instagram are the ease of searching for information and viewing the business through photos, highlights, captions and bio. Another irme study, from 2020, confirms that 73% of entrepreneurs use digital channels as a communication and service dissemination strategy, 57% as a sales channel and 51% for customer service. In santa catarina, according to a urvey by the business observatory, in partnership with sebrae delas , almost 80% of the interviewed entrepreneurs use social media as a sales channel. Content matters according to a netnographic survey Germany Business Fax List  released in  carried out through monitoring tools on how people express themselves spontaneously on social networks – the business observatory, from sebrae sc, found that investing in social media, especially instagram, is crucial for attract and keep loyal customers. This study addresses women’s perceptions and reveals that providing exceptional customer service, responding quickly to queries and resolving issues efficiently are a fundamental part of business success. 



Another finding of the research is about

The importance of content for female entrepreneurs. Several women, especially in response to videos published on youtube, felt impacted by themes related to female entrepreneurship . Among the main positive points, they reported: example: they praised the person responsible for the content of the videos, considering him an example to be followed. Motivation: they reported that the content of the videos motivated and inspired them to pursue Fax Marketing  new projects and goals. Success story: they claimed to have been impacted and inspired by the success stories shared in videos. Important content: they highlighted the contents of the videos, considering them important and relevant. As well as the tips and guidelines given in them.Considering them useful and valuable. Reality shock: they reported that the contents of the videos were a reality shock. And helped them to reflect on their own lives. 

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