Tips to sell more on father’s day

Father’s day is among the most relevant commemorative dates for  commerce . It is celebrated on the second sunday of august and represents one of the best sales opportunities for retail entrepreneurs. Consumers are programmed to make purchases and give gifts to the people they love. According to the cielo extended retail index (icva), in  sales in the week of father’s day increased by 11.7% compared to the same period of the previous year. The survey also pointed out that there was an increase of 9.2% in sales in physical stores and 33% in e-commerce. The time is ideal to develop segmented campaigns, set up strategies and obtain positive commercial results. However, to achieve success in sales, it is essential to draw up a plan and position yourself effectively against competitors, who will also take advantage of this date. 


It is important to plan all the details and prioritize 


The quality of care. Continue reading this article and check out some. Tips that we have separated to help you do business for your company. Prepare your store for the surge in demand before we give tips on how to sell more on father’s day. It’s important to remember that your company needs to be prepared to serve customers. One of the tips that can help is to do a stock analysis based on the last commemorative dates. Check the increase in sales, assess whether China Business Fax List the service team was sufficient to meet demand. Among other points, and create a projection for good planning can help prepare and understand what needs to be done.Acquire more stock, a more efficient system or hire more people for the team. For example. The tip applies to all types of stores! If yours is online and has been online for over a year. It’s worth checking the order history for previous dates to use as a reference. Check it out now, 6 tips to sell more on father’s day. 


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Focus on the children identifying the target audience

How they behave and what they like to consume will help your company create gift options in line with the recipient’s wishes. It is father’s day, but all actions on that date must be thought of as a target for children, after all, they are the ones who go shopping. 2. Choose the best sales channels we know that the internet has become a great sales driver. Many people prefer to search before or even make sales through digital channels. Even if you have a physical store, it is Fax Marketing worth investing in your company’s digital promotion. Of course, creating an e-commerce business takes time, planning, and resources. But remember that there are other, much more affordable options, some of which are even free, that you can use. Social networks are one of them, in addition to having become one of the most used sales channels today. 

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