Social networks are already a very important tool for health professionals, especially for those who want to attract more patients and increase their prestige. Through social networks, you can establish a more personal connection with the public and show your expertise in the area in which you operate. However, the optimization of this profile must follow some guidelines so that medical ethics is respected in all its scopes. Want to know how we can help you get more results on digital? Click here! How to optimize the profile and attract more customers? Here at pipe we have a process that we affectionately call “organizing the house.

That is, organize the information relevant to your profile

And use it in such a way as to make everything you do, your qualifications and specialties, clear and objective, available in your profile. This makes the first impression someone has of your profile professional. In addition, having this information  Dubai Business Fax List well organized also increases your credibility . And for that, we recommend that you put in your bio information such as: specialty where do you attend your professional record in addition to the bio, you can also use instagram highlights for those who arrive at the profile to have quick access to important information. Among them we can highlight here: how to schedule an appointment how is your service? How is your clinic? Who are the professionals who work with you? What are your qualifications.


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But in addition to making the profile more attractive

There are also some ethical standards that we recommend you follow to maintain your professional integrity. How to have a professional profile on social networks respecting medical ethics? It is very common for health professionals to comment on their networks about previous cases that they have already attended to illustrate the public’s doubts. However, when posting patient-related information, it is important that you respect their privacy. Do not Fax Marketing  share information that could identify them, such as names, diagnoses or test results. Also, it is important not to publish images of patients without their written permission. Another common case is the professional receiving questions on the networks. And many of them are asking for diagnoses. But social media is not a substitute for a proper doctor’s appointment.

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